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Thamrin Residences Apartment For Sale in Jakarta

This complex, constructed by PT Jakarta Realty as part of their joint venture between Agung Podomoro Land and Jakarta Propertindo in 2011, is extremely popular among visitors to Jakarta.

Thamrin Residences can be found in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta – an area marked by contrasts. Luxury malls can be found just a few hundred meters away, while low-income houses provide affordable living arrangements.


Thamrin Residences Apartment is an exclusive residential complex situated in the center of Jakarta. Just steps away from Bundaran HI, Grand Indonesia Mall Plaza Indonesia Mall Thamrin City as well as having direct busway shelter access; also found here are many offices restaurants and hotels; thus making this location perfect for business travelers or couples who seek peace and quiet within close proximity to all that the city has to offer.

Thamrin Residences form part of the Thamrin Nine project in Jakarta – an innovative development with many firsts for this city. The complex boasts a retail podium, low density luxury apartments and high rise mixed use tower designed by world renowned architect Santiago Calatrava that offer stunning city views as well as unique lifestyle experiences for residents and visitors.

Location-wise, The location is superbly convenient: located only one kilometer away from Jakarta’s main business street Jalan Sudirman – which serves as one of the country’s main arteries connecting Senayan with Kota Tua in terms of transportation – traffic-wise it can be an absolute nightmare during weekday rush hours when cars, buses, and motorbikes collide – although you may be able to avoid this problem by taking taxi or public transit options instead.

If you prefer taking the train, Karet station on the Yellow line which runs between Bogor and Depok via Pasar Minggu and Jatinegara can be found only a short walk from Thamrin Residences. When constructed, an MRT will also come much closer!

This neighborhood is filled with contrasts: 5-star hotels and luxury malls can be found just a few hundred meters from low-income houses, while numerous office buildings like The Plaza and UOB stand nearby. Furthermore, this safe neighborhood features many restaurants and bars as well as shops ranging from small grocery stores to hypermartkets.


Thamrin Residences can be found in central Jakarta in an area rich with contrasts: luxury malls and five-star hotels sit just hundreds of meters from low-income houses, making the neighborhood both safe and calm with many shops and restaurants spread throughout its boundaries.

Thamrin Residences apartments are spacious and comfortable, boasting ample natural lighting. Each has large balconies that overlook the complex’s extensive facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, gym and tennis court; in addition to being close to shopping centers and restaurants – making this complex perfect for families or young professionals.

Thamrin Residences offer a selection of studio and two-bedroom units to choose from, such as studio apartments and two-bedroom apartments. Each is fully furnished with kitchen amenities such as stovetop, microwave and refrigerator as well as private bathroom amenities including bathtub, shower and toiletries – as well as air conditioning and flat-screen TV.

Thamrin Residences are an attractive choice for both renters and investors in central Jakarta due to their prime location. Built by PT Jakarta Realty – a joint venture between two large Indonesian companies (Agung Podomoro Land or APL and PT Jakarta Propertindo – with five towers housing 42-floor each; boasting over 1,700 midrange apartments (many inhabited by expatriates).

Thamrin Residences stands out from its competition by offering additional amenities that go beyond what would normally be found, including a hot tub and sauna. Furthermore, this property is situated within walking distance to both Selamat Datang Monument and Grand Indonesia Mall – so guests will always have access to information regarding both areas as well as potential places of interest in Thamrin Residences’ staff members can provide valuable guidance as they help visitors discover all there is to see in Jakarta.

There is also a parking lot within the complex, accommodating both cars and motorcycles. Taxis and Uber/Grab services are easily available nearby, while there is always a security guard present to monitor CCTV security cameras – plus there’s always someone on hand for guests with any inquiries or issues they might encounter! Plus there is always someone available at reception who can provide assistance or answer any inquiries from guests!


Prices of these apartments depend on the floor. Most are in the midrange range. The complex provides many amenities, including a swimming pool and gym – plus numerous bars, restaurants and entertainment options nearby such as bars/restaurants/cubicle-spaces/clubs/aerated sidewalks nearby as well as taxis or Uber/Grab services which makes getting around Jakarta much simpler! Bundaran HI is within a short walking distance as is Plaza Indonesia Mall for convenient public transport access (and Uber/Grab).

At Thamrin Guesthouse, guests can take advantage of free WiFi during their stay and take advantage of other useful facilities, including TV and outdoor terrace access. In the kitchen there is also a fridge, microwave and stovetop – just steps from Thamrin Shopping and Entertainment area!

Not only is the living area spacious, but this apartment also boasts several other attractive features that make it perfect for couples. Guests will appreciate the private balcony which offers scenic views of both city life and its large garden.

Le Parc at Thamrin Nine Tower was constructed by developer PT Jakarta Realty – a joint venture between Agung Podomoro Land and Jakarta Propertindo – as one of six buildings designed by this developer. PT Jakarta Realty used light grey paint for this building that shares similar architectural style characteristics with Thamrin Residences and Cosmo Terrace nearby.

While the apartment complex is situated near many popular tourist sites, it may not be in the best part of town. Traffic may become an issue here and plumbing issues may also cause issues for some tenants.

Thamrin Residences Apartments provides more than beautiful rooms; there’s also an array of amenities designed to help you unwind and enjoy your time in Jakarta, such as gym memberships, outdoor pool access and barbecue areas, plus children’s playground and function room facilities.

Within 10 minutes from Jalan Sudirman, this apartment complex is perfect for business travelers and families. Conveniently situated near department stores, restaurants and Embassies; plus it features 24-hour surveillance CCTV protection for extra peace of mind.


Thamrin Residences Apartment is a residential building featuring an array of facilities. These amenities include swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, gym, jogging track, tennis court and basketball court facilities as well as mini market ATM center function room mini market mini market function room security system and parking area are just a few.

Apartments are fully equipped with modern furniture and appliances. Kitchens include an electric range, microwave, and refrigerator as well as air conditioning. Flat-screen TVs and air conditioning units can also be found within each apartment, along with spacious bathrooms featuring both bathtubs and showers – plus each unit offers stunning city views from its balcony!

Visitors to Sudirman & Karet MRT station and TransJakarta bus shelter will have plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, hospitals and clinics close by as well. In the neighborhood are also many hospitals and clinics. Apartments located closeby offer guests easy access to these amenities as well.

This residential complex lies adjacent to Bundaran HI monument and surrounded by government offices, banks, and five-star hotels. This neighborhood provides a vivid contrast with luxury malls and restaurants near low-income houses nearby.

Thamrin Nine Tower 1 is an unprecedented superblock that provides a comprehensive offering. Comprised of retail podium, low density luxury apartment units, and two mixed use towers – Thamrin Nine is set to transform Jakarta’s mixed use developments forever! Located right in its capital.

No matter your need, Thamrin Residences will make for the ideal residence. Offering luxurious apartments in an outstanding location and modern amenities, it makes Thamrin Residences a prime option for anyone wanting to live right in the middle of city life.

Location of Selamat Datang Monument Complex. Close proximity to shopping centers, restaurants and bars. Central Jakarta Toll Road can be reached in 15 minutes via road; however the traffic situation in Jakarta can make crossing busy streets challenging; in order to minimize this stress we recommend using taxi or Uber/Grab services instead.

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